The Formal Version

Welcome to my writing blog. Here, I will share and publish words from all the areas of my life, both creative and scholarly. If, as I argue, writing and reading are onto-epistemological acts–ways of knowing-in-being–then I plan to be here as much as possible. As a teacher who believes that pedagogy, research, and theory are all inextricably entangled with our larger lives, I also share posts/stories about teaching. Part of a productive posthuman pedagogy–which I am continually working on–is the sharing of successes and failures with applying posthuman frameworks, strategies, and theories to the everyday classroom.


Dr. Sarah A. Shelton is a Post-Doctoral Fellow and Lecturer at the University of Texas at Arlington. She recently successfully defended her dissertation on posthuman pedagogy and the college classroom which combines her research interests in theory, posthumanism, contemporary literature, pop culture, and rhetoric and composition. Her work in disability and fat studies has been published in Fat Studies: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Body Weight and Society. She holds a BA in English from UT Austin and a Masters of Education from UTA.

The Informal Version

Welcome to where I come to write through all the things. As well as post about:

  • Desks–where they come from, what’s on them, who uses them…and who doesn’t want to talk about all these things?
  • Artefacts–pieces of writing out there, in the world, on paper, in paint, through humans and nonhumans, around us all, all these and more.
  • Quotes–(do you really need clever elaboration on that?)
  • Art–my own fumbling attempts at entangling my words within more visual mediums.

Like many who’ve blogged before me, I’ll begin by saying that I’ve been writing my whole life. It’s not just part of who I am but a major way that I am–a doing, a being, a seeing, a believing, a becoming, a meaning. Though most of that has happened in journals, pieces shared with family and friends, trunk novels and poetry swept into long-forgotten computer files, coursework (both scholarly and creative), a few academic articles and presentations, I’ve also published two short stories under the name Alice Edward in horror and fantasy magazines.

I live, teach, and write in Arlington, TX  where my family roots are deep and my parents live a ten-minute walk away. My only child is a fur-baby, Lady Theadora Alice (pictured below me), the Giant Schnauzer. You may call her Thea. While living, teaching, and writing, I dream of being in SLC and long for the next time I get to visit my niece, nephew, sister, and brother-in-law who live all those miles away.





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