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  1. What a treat to see the handwritten pages! They really invite my entrance into your experience with their immediacy, their especially personal (literal) touch, and their visual elements. Thank you. (I jumped back here from below to begin with thanks and am now resisting the urge to insert the fourth paragraph here. Such editing, is it just abit related to curation?

    Daughter Lisa spent the spring semester in DC as a page in the Senate. The DC schools taught classes for pages on some upper floor of the Library of Congress. Can you imagine? They attended (she bitterly and unwillingly) the inauguration of HW Bush. Some of her fellow pages on the same row with her were giddy. From the other side of them, one of her teachers caught her eye and mouthed: Do not go gentle into that good night.

    The first two times I read the first sentences of the 7/15 post, I read “laugh” instead of “cough”. I wondered if you were giggling with sheer delight at being there, but it seemed a bit odd. Even for one who takes delight in such things. If I’m reading correctly, the first paragraph gives me a bit more clarity about what you mean by “curation”, but I’m not absolutely sure of the handwriting that says “curation”. Which is (I’m adding later) not a problem so much as an invitation to interact (intra-act?) with the text. Have you considered writing the dissertation by hand? JK, but not so much as it might seem. It seems odd that your initial reaction to a priest (curate?) sounds negative just because he’s a priest. Maybe it’s about any intruder?

    re. the written word and materials. I was thinking (last week maybe) about the subtle (or not so subtle) difference it makes to write using a keyboard instead of a handheld implement. A distancing, a separation from the body, the material, the carnal? I also read since then that we do not have bodies but that we are our bodies. Without handwriting, there must be some loss of connection. Also read about and was thinking about the change in process, analysis, and perspective in gathering and using statistical data in light of the availability of Big Data vs. sampling.

    I’m reminded of a John Dewey book I have upstairs: Art as Experience. I don’t remember having read it, but it sounds relevant to your thinking here. BUT this collection of Jacob Bronowski essays in one I have pored over and been much enriched by: Art as a Way of Knowing. I think it would offer you some very helpful ideas and connections.


  2. By the way, it is 12:29 PM, January 29, 2018, as I write this though the time I see above is six hours in the future. I wonder why that is.


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