A Tale of Two Starbucks Tables…

Saturday Morning, Catch-up and Strategize ~ Starbucks, Bowen & Park Row ~ March 31, 2018


Monday Morning, Student Conferences and Prepping ~ Starbucks, Spaniolo Dr. and UTA Blvd. ~ April 2, 2018


My favorite thing about Bowen was the streaming sun (as you can see in the stripey shadows in the picture). Against the window it was warm and lazy and that early morning sun filled me with contentment as I caught up on journal entries and figured out the to-do list for the day. My favorite thing about the pic of the Spaniolo Starbucks that shows the UTA Bookstore beyond is the copies of Turtles All the Way Down in the distance, surely watching over my work with my students who were supposed to have read that book by class time later that day…I have a feeling having now lived that class time later that day that some of those students need to take a trip to the bookstore and snag one of those copies.


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